A word from our 2019-2020 Executive Director…

Hello everyone! My name is June Kim, I’m the new Executive Director for Charity Akita, nice to meet you! I wanted to briefly talk about what Charity Akita is about and what are focus will be this upcoming year.

Firstly a bit about me. I’m a second year ALT in Kitaakita City. My home is in Chicago, IL in the USA. Previous to JET, I was involved in volunteering as manager for several non-profit conventions.

Our new board of directors include Anthony Madry as Vice Director, Vincent Hsu as Treasurer, Danie Manos as Secretary, and Amanda Lockwood as Community Liaison.

Our aim is to to help Akita in any way we can and be a bridge for the JET community and the community at large. We hope to provide opportunities for ALTs, CIRs, and anyone interested to help make an impact for various Akita communities and groups in need and make Japan (and the world) a little better of a place to live in.

To achieve these goals, we are actively looking for volunteer opportunities as well as events to bring various communities together.

We want to demonstrate that we are not just foreign bystanders, but that we also care about those around us even in Japan; We show this not just by our words but our actions as well.

We don’t ask for anything in return; that we believe is the spirit of giving. Whether it’s a few yen, few hours of our time, or even our knowledge and experience to others. To freely give because we want to, not because we have to.

The way we hope to achieve these goals include participating in community events, such as beach cleanups, or give our time to interact with locals during our English Cafe events. Or even donate what we can from our wallets to the various non-profit organizations during our larger events such as the Halloween Party or St. Partrick’s Day party.

We want Charity Akita to belong to the JET community, not just for the CA board members. We believe we can only do this with everyone’s help. So feel free to spread the word. Send us suggestions. If you are close with any communities, feel free to ask us to contact them about some volunteer work and we will help organize it with you! We are also always open to feedback and suggestions.

We look forward to seeing you at the CA events! Have a great day!

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