Appi Ski Trip, Events

Charity Akita Ski & Snowboarding Trip

Hello everyone! All of us at Charity Akita hope you are enjoying the changing of the seasons. Get your warmest mug and thickest boots, because we are planning the Winter Ski & Snowboarding Trip at Appi Kogen!

Appi Kogen is a beautiful ski resort near Hachimantai City. Our lodging, Pension Mutti, is a cozy BnB near the slopes. We will plan the trip for January 30th and the 31st.

The cost for us lodging at Pension Mutti is typically 8,500 yen per person, but this year you will save about 2,000 yen as we will be reserving via the “Go To Travel” campaign. Your individual cost will roughly be 6,200. Lift tickets will be 4,000 yen for a day pass and purchased at Pension Mutti after arrival. Equipment rentals are likewise excluded from this cost. More information on the coupons can be found on the Mutti homepage. We’ll handle the coupon distribution, so you won’t have to worry!

Make a Reservation:

Please fill out a reservation form, or contact us through email ( or social media SNS. The reservation deadline is November 7th. 


Transport to and from the Ski Trip must be planned on your own. Carpooling is recommended, but you can also reach the resort via Japan Rail. Please try to drive separately or in small groups if possible. Information about the Ski Resort can be found here. You can find the address and more information about Hotel Mutti on their homepage

COVID Precautions

Please take note that the Charity Akita group will be keeping up to date on COVID case information, and will give you the latest news if we need to make any changes for the trip. We will maintain communication with the owners of the lodging. We recommend that all participants follow COVID guidelines by wearing masks and washing hands frequently. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about the trip.

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