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Christmas Carolling: calling all singers!

Charity Akita will be holding a Christmas carol on the 18th of December (this coming Sunday) by the Fonte Building in Akita City (on the west side of Akita Station)!

It will be held between 11:30am and 3pm and you can join for as much or as little as you would like! You can also come and watch as well! Either is okay!

It will be cold, so don’t forget to bundle up. Everyone is welcome to arrive anytime they can. There will also be many chances for breaks to have drinks, eat, and warm up. Christmas costumes, hats, antlers, tambourines and small instruments are also a wonderful addition!

All of the generous donations we receive will be given to the Akita City Misonotenshien Orphanage to help support their activities, cover expenses, and buy supplies and presents for the children!

Whether it is to come to sing, watch, or just say hello, we hope to see you this coming Sunday!

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