English Cafe

January English Cafe!

Hello everyone!

Happy New Year!!!

As winter starts to settle in, please make sure that you are staying warm! ✨️

This month’s English Cafe will be held on January 15th at ALVE, on the 4th floor in the Tanami room from 3pm to 6pm!

We apologise for the short notice 🙏

We hope to see you there! 😊

In line with our coronavirus safety measures, on entry we will be conducting

  • temperature checks
  • mask checks
  • offering hand sanitizer
  • contact tracing

We hope to see you there!

– The Charity Akita Team


What is English Cafe?
English Cafe is a free service provided by Charity Akita. We rent a room in the ALVE building once a month for people to play games, chat, and have fun.

What do I need for English Cafe?
You only need to bring yourself. English Cafe is free. We have our own games, so you do not have to bring any. If you want to bring something, please bring friends!

What COVID safety measures are used in English Cafe?
We will check your temperature, provide hand sanitizer, ventilate the room, and record a COVID contact tracing sheet. Masks are required for English Cafe.

Do I need perfect English to join English Cafe?
No. All English abilities and languages are welcome. We welcome people from all nationalities and backgrounds.

Who can attend English Cafe?
All ages are welcome, and we play games for almost all age groups. We often meet elementary, junior high, high school, university students, and adults alike.

Where can I park?
Please check Akita Station’s accessibility maps for parking garages near the ALVE building. We cannot offer parking discount or refund tickets.

Can I come to English Cafe if I don’t live within Akita City?
Everyone within Akita Prefecture is welcome. Please check guidelines on local and prefectural government websites to best follow COVID safety recommendations.

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