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Akita t-shirts and hoodies on sale!

We are opening up orders for the Akita JET 2022-2023 t-shirts! This time we’ll also be offering up hoodies as well to keep you warm during those cold Akita winters! Proceeds will go towards funding future CA events such as English Cafe and beach clean-ups (as well as towards future t-shirt orders).

T-shirts will all be quick dry (moisture wicking), including the 2021 Amabie T-shirt (previously only in cotton)!

We are once again offering hoodie sweaters, however this batch will have a red inner lining and a black outer lining.

Order forms are here:

Orders will be officially closed on Friday, January 20th at 9:00PM JST. If you’d like to guarantee an order, we ask that you place one as soon as possible! We hope to have the shirts/hoodies in by early-to-mid February. We will need to collect money before we order, so please submit your payment no later than 12:00AM on Friday, January 27th, 2023.

If you’re not sure you want one yet or you accidentally miss the order window, please contact us directly!

Due to the sharp rise in international shipping costs and shipping restrictions, we unfortunately cannot offer international shipping.

Details on the type of T shirt and the sizes can be found here (color code 002 for 2022-2023 and color code 538 for 2021-2022):

The sweater hoodies can be found here (item 2050):

Thank you!

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