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***CHARITY AKITA 2022 T-shirt UPDATE***

Hello Everyone,

We hope everyone is doing well. We have an exciting update to the 2018-2022 line of shirts we are selling. After multiple requests, The Charity Akita Team has made the 2018 Akita Dog design option available as a Hoodie. The color will be single-tone burgundy, as seen below.


For those who have placed their orders already, you can request to change your order if you want this option instead of the 2022 hoodie by emailing us at charityakita@gmail.com.

Also, you can order this item in addition to your current orders, which you can find here.

We hope you like this new addition to the 2022 line. Remember the due date for orders is Friday, January 20th, by 9:00 pm.

See you out there!

The Charity Akita Team

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