Board of 2022-2023

Meet the Board of 2022-2023!

Executive Director: June Kim

Hey folks!
My name is June Kim, a 5th year ALT in Kitaakita City. I tend to be travelling or eating my way around Japan, but I hope if anything, I can meet as many folks as I can! I hope to do the best I can to service all the lovely folks in the Akita community!

Deputy Director: Stephen Fischer

Me doing things.jpg

Hi everyone!
I’m Stephen AKA Sakana-San and this is my second year on JET.
I am originally from California, USA but am registered as a resident of Washington State. I’m a big fan of outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain trekking, swimming, and outdoor recreational sports. I also like to play tabletop RPGs, board games, and video games.
Akita is a beautiful place with alot of hidden gems, I look forward to meeting you at our events, creating wonderful connections and indulging memories!

Treasurer: Tyron

Howzit, everybody!
The name’s Tyron Stewart. I’m a Kitaakita City ALT, originally from South Africa. 
Only been here for a short while but I’m looking forward to every second of it, including my time as the new Charity Akita Treasurer!
A bit about me, if you must know, I’m a lover of fantasy and being dramatic when the time calls for it. In my Uni days I studied Drama and English Literature as my majors, and spent a couple years in a Uni Society’s council, so I’ve got a little bit of practice in these sorts of things.
I used to work as a trail guide, so I like to spend time in the nature and listening to people’s stories, so I’ve always got ears if you need them!

Secretary: Sophie


Hi everyone!
My name is Sophie, I’m a first-year ALT from California living in Yurihonjo! In my free time, I enjoy skiing, hiking, travelling, and listening to Taylor Swift.
I’m super excited to explore more of Akita, and I’m looking forward to meeting many of you at our future events!

Social Media Coordinator: Theresia McGrath

My name is Theresia and I am a first year ALT from good ol’ Australia. I am located in Akita City and teach at 2 elementary schools.
I enjoy hiking and travelling to new places! Although nothing beats a good video game or chilling to some good music while doing puzzles!
I’m excited to build greater connections to Akita and its community both personally and with Charity Akita!

Community Liason Coordinators: Crawford & Aiya

Hi there!
My name is Aiya, and I am from a rural area in Virginia in the USA.
I am currently an ALT at a JHS and an ES in Yurihonjo, Akita. I just graduated from university with a double major in Japanese and in linguistics, so I love studying languages and learning about different cultures. Besides that, I enjoy socializing with my friends, eating new foods, travelling, and exploring the outdoors.
I’m very excited to help advocate for this prefecture’s community and to meet all of you at future Charity Akita events!


My name is Crawford Wilson! I am a second year ALT from Memphis, Tennessee living in Akita City! I am currently stationed at two elementary schools: Iijima Minami and Shimoshinjo.
I love the outdoors, Pokemon, Smash Bros., bowling and anything beer related! I am excited to get Charity Akita back to what it used to be and really look forward to meeting everyone!